Mosaic Plank


Thors Design Mosaic Plank tables can be made infinitely long
Made from reclaimed wood, they can be finished in either sanded or rustic finish
Full cable management available

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Mosaic Plank table is the longest table from the Thors Design range and can be made in infinite lengths. The longest Mosaic Plank table made so far is 14m long. Cable boxes can be incorporated in to the table top along the length of the table, and bespoke boxes can be made with the exact connections you are looking for. Thors Design Mosaic Plank table is idea for any conference room or restaurant looking for a feature piece to seat many.
As with all other Thors Design tables, the Mosaic Plank tables are made from the reclaimed wood we source in the Danish harbours. The planks are cut from the pillars that have been partially submerged in the Danish sea for over half a century meaning that no two planks are the same.

The Thors Design Mosaic Plank table can be made in either rustic or sanded surface. The planks we use for these tables are usually 30cm wide and the Mosaic tables are most often made in a width of 1,2 or 1,5m, comprising of 4 or 5 planks. To ensure the best support for the table top and the most stable solution, this design is made with double unika wooden legs.

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