Profim LightUp task chair has Blue Angel certification – showing low emission & low pollutant production
Available with a mesh or upholstered backrest

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Profim LightUp is a modern swivel chair with a great price-quality ratio. LightUp is the perfect solution for those seeking ergonomic and economical chairs.
There are two types of backrest: mesh and upholstery. The upholstered version provides soft and comfortable support. There is a choice of different colours, so that the chair matches the surroundings. The alternative mesh version is extremely flexible, and the use of breathable, high-quality mesh provides an additional advantage: air circulation.

The most surprising feature of the new edition of the Profim LightUp collection is the fundamental change in its colour palette. The existing office-like, traditional, black plastic parts have been replaced with a light grey colour, giving the chairs a new, softer character. This is a response to a popular trend in office interiors to make them more cosy and ‘domestic’, by creating a more relaxed and creative workspace. On the other side, when our job becomes more mobile and we find ourselves working in small home offices, we also need appropriate seats.

Profim LightUp Hocker with adjustable footrest can be used while working behind a higher counter in a customer service office or laboratory.

Profim works based on the concept of sustainable development and operate in a responsible manner respecting the natural environment. Profim LightUp is produced with the smallest possible amount of materials and components, allowing for easy recycling at the end of the life cycle. The chair is 95% recyclable. The Profim LightUp chair is accredited with the Blue Angel certificate, one of the oldest Eco-certificates confirming that the chair is environmentally friendly.

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