Luceplan Illan suspension lamp is constructed from laser cut birch
Available in 3 sizes: 60cm, 80cm & 100cm

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Luceplan Illan is the culmination of technological innovation, research on materials & sustainability that converge in harmony in the Illan suspension.

The Illan suspension lamp is composed of a very light body made with extremely thin, flexible plywood certified FSC®, cut by laser along densely packed equidistant lines. Once suspended from the ceiling, Luceplan Illan takes on volume thanks to the force of gravity and assumes its characteristic form that floats in the air.
The highly decorative and emotional impact expressed through the intelligent and original use of materials, make it a truly special lamp. Skillful use of the LED source creates very comfortable, relaxing diffused lighting. Illan is available in multiple sizes up to one meter in diameter.

Luceplan Illan suspension lamp is available in 3 sizes: 60cm, 80cm and 100cm models

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