Boss Design Hemm booths are perfect for single use up to 4 person meetings
Electrification and data options available
Can be upholstered in a range of fabrics

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Boss Design Hemm is a modular family with distinct profiles where comfort meets every day ergonomics, where individual meets integrated, where choice meets configuration, where colour comes together seamlessly. Designed for you, Boss Design Hemm booths are where work feels like home.

Boss Design Hemm is a holistic work lounge solution that transcends everyday distractions to offer people choice and better ways of working. Designed to encourage serendipity and nurture the flow of ideas and information. Boss Design Hemm booth can be used from solo working to four person booths, the slimline aesthetic and zip detail enables agile reconfiguration. Ideal for when space is at a premium.

Smart workplace design is key to elevating productivity and Boss Design Hemm booth, intuitively engineered for maximum ergonomic comfort and privacy, helps improve posture, health and wellbeing.

Boss Design Hemm booths can have full electrification and data ports added and can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics

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