Clay Table


Desalto Clay table comes in handcrafted or lacquered finish
Comes in a range of sizes
Also available as the smaller Mini Clay table

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Desalto Clay is a table-sculpture born from the meeting of two volumes:the top and the base, balanced one on the other, experience the bold support of a section reduced to a minimum.

Desalto Clay Table with base in rigid polyurethane available in lacquered finishing or covered with hand-spread materic finishes, as per price-list. Round or elliptical bases and tops. Tops of glass, ceramic, covered MDF or marble. Available in indoor and outdoor versions. “Lazy Susan” revolving tray centerpiece, upon request.

The Desalto Clay Table comes in the following sizes: 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm and 200cm diameter

Desalto Clay table comes in handcrafted finishes in metal grey, rust, metal bronze, court grey, white, pietra tufo, white cement, black cement or black basalt and in lacquer in sand, graphite, white or brown

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