Brioni Outdoor


Kristalia Brioni Outdoor range includes 3 sizes of loungers and 3 sizes of poufs
Upholstery in Sunbrella fabrics with black base
Also available as an upholstered indoor seating family

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Kristalia Brioni Outdoor range is a collection of poufs, lounge armchairs and daybeds named after a famous archipelago in the Adriatic Sea.
The design of Kristalia Brioni Outdoor range features a dark band on the lower part that prevents direct contact between the ground and the upholstery. The upholstery is made of Sunbrella® fabric: stain-resistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and water-repellent.
Kristalia Brioni Outdoor loungers and poufs are soft and comfortable thanks to flexible polyester padding and plastic slats, enclosed in water-resistant housing. Light and easy to move, they can be used to create countless compositions outdoors, experimenting with different shapes, colours and sizes.

Kristalia Brioni outdoor lounger comes in three sizes and the poufs come in three sizes. Also available as an upholstered indoor version

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