Airy Coffee Table


Muuto Airy coffee table comes in plum, off-white, grey or black
Available in various sizes

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The Muuto Airy coffee table has a light and floaty nature with support from the thin welded frame creating the impression of a table top that almost hovers in the air. Great detail has been included in the welded frame itself of Muuto Airy Coffee Table, adding to the overall personality of the design. Muuto Airy coffee table is a multipurpose family of tables suitable for a variety of interiors in both private and public settings. In particular, the half size Muuto Airy coffee table also works well against a wall and can be used as a bedside table or as a table next to a sofa.

Muuto Airy coffee table comes with the top in nano-laminate in plum, grey, off-white or black with the metal base lacquered to match. Muuto Airy coffee table is available in the following sizes:

395 x 440 x 372hmm
680 x 440 x 372hmm
880 x 515 x 372hmm
1200 x 650 x 412hmm

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