While Zanotta consistently come out with beautiful new sofas every year, the Alfa remains highly popular year after year. Being modular, Zanotta Alfa can fit any user requirements in terms of size from small compact units to large, sprawling multi-unit compositions. Alfa sofa can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers and depending on the type used can either blend in seamlessly to beautifully designed classic homes or be the focal point of a modern office development. The flexibility that Zanotta Alfa sofa means that we have used it in homes, receptions, offices, hotels and showrooms.
Coupled to the timeless design, the Alfa is meticulously constructed from high-quality materials entirely in Italy. While the initial outlay may be a bit higher than other sofas, the quality of Zanotta Alfa means that it will last for years and years without having problems such as the seats sagging, springs going. Depending on fabric re-upholstery may be required after a number of years but the sofa itself should last for decades - well worth the initial investment!

Zanotta Alfa Sofa - http://wkworks.com/content/alfa