M10 office system, designed by Mario Ruis for Forma5, was developed to be adapted to the working environment and to solve communication and interaction requirements among users in a cost effective manner. The Forma5 M10 desk is much more than just a simple desks: it can be configurated to provide stand alone desks, bench desks, counters, meeting areas, storage, complements... all with matchless de...


The free-standing structure of Estel's News is perfect for creating complex arrangements, and not only in the operative office. The workstation of the receptionist, that may be wired in every part, serves both as furniture item designed for the reception area, and self-sufficient operative desk.


Estel's Vega reception, part of the Syn_Tech range, shows comfort and refinement as well as efficiency and practicality are the key features for a system born as a response to the requirements of representation in a modern workplace. Available in two sizes and in linear or curved types, this piece of furniture perfectly combines with any kind of environment. Vega is a fully lacquered counter, with...


High aesthetic levels are achieved through precision manufacturing of every element and meticulous attention to the tiniest detail. Illumination of the counter sides produces an attention-drawing effect which makes the product a perfect element for any reception, secretary's office, entrance hall or other rooms in which quick contact with the customer is the key objective.


The HORIZON reception counter system is a combination of functionality and modern design. A characteristic feature of the system is that it gives the user the possibility of building the reception counter from various elements and adjusting its appearance and functions to meet individual requirements.